Dr. Arash Hakhamian, DDS


Dr. Arash Hakhamian, known as “Dr. Arash”, is an internationally recognized and accomplished doctor of dental surgery following a long line of family dentists and medical doctors. The longstanding tradition of public service and philanthropy exemplified by previous generations in his family motivated Dr. Arash to continue his heritage helping better the lives of others through the practice of medicine within the field of dental surgery.

Dr. Arash’s passion for dentistry began as a child where he spent much of his childhood hanging out and helping out in his father’s dental office. His passion for public service was influenced by his mother’s affiliations with a multitude of charities and service programs. Both of his brothers are also doctors, one of which is a surgeon in the field of veterinarian medicine.

Dr. Arash received his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery attending the prestigious and world renowned USC School of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors. He was the first student in history to unanimously receive the award for serving with great excellence “Persons with Disabilities” who included patients with medical and mental handicaps. Upon his graduation he immediately worked alongside his father and in his own offices in Beverly Hills and other locations in Los Angeles. Currently, Dr. Arash operates one of the most successful dental practices in the nation and is amongst the top 10% of dentists in the state of California based on the acceptance rate from CareCredit, the nation’s largest patient financing company.

Dr. Andrew Lee, DDS

Dr. Andrew Lee, DDS


Dr. Lee was a technology geek growing up so he decided to become an engineer, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA. After getting braces as an adult and experiencing firsthand how a new smile can have a profound positive effect, he decided to change careers. He went to dental school at UCSF, followed by orthodontics residency at Columbia University.

Dr. Lee is a huge San Francisco Giants fan (having grown up in San Francisco). He strives for excellent care and communication with all of his patients, especially Dodgers fans, because wants to give them something to smile about.

Andrew-Lee-ortho-certificate-inframeDr. Lee received his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery attending the prestigious and world renowned Columbia University, New York.